About XACT Remote Tank Monitoring


The Xact tank monitoring system utilizes ultrasonic technology to determine the fill levels of large chemical storage tanks such as liquefied propane. Previously, propane suppliers sent personnel to remote tank locations to view permanently-installed float gauges, which do not always provide accurate readings. This high cost and low accuracy method of determining propane tank levels has been rendered obsolete by the Xact tank monitoring system, which uses ultrasonic technology to determine fill levels of any tank anywhere in the world. The Xact tank monitoring system transmits that data by satellite for display on a secure website. Obtaining a timely and accurate reading of inventory levels is now just a click away.

Our Technology

The Xact tank monitoring system utilizes an ultrasonic sensor that is affixed to the underside of each tank by way of magnets. The sensor produces a small electronic pulse, or “ping,” through the tank’s steel shell, which is reflected off the bottom surface of the liquefied gas. The echo of this transmitted signal is detected by the ultrasonic sensor. The time of travel between the “ping” and the echo is then calculated and transmitted via satellite to a secure control center. That information, in addition to information about tank size, configuration and temperature, is processed through software algorithms at the center to determine a calibrated fill level of the tank. All of this information, including fill level archives, is displayed to the customer via a secure website connection. The user has the ability to individually set the time that the level of each tank is to be measured. The Xact tank monitoring system can be used to monitor tanks as small as 2,000 gallons (7,570 liters) and as large as 50,000 gallons (190,000 liters).

Our Markets

The Xact tank monitoring system can remotely monitor any tank anywhere in the world with all tank data displayed on a single web portal. Users include major propane distribution companies and end users.

Our Advantage

The Xact remote tank monitoring system is a reliable and cost effective way to monitor propane tank levels, permitting users to better manage their inventory and more efficiently schedule their bulk deliveries.

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